Fall 2013 Product Release

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Hi Art Fans!

I’m excited to announce the release of several new products—just in time for the holidays.

The first are two new magnets now available: Sun and Moon and Stars and Metatron’s Journey.  Plus I’ve added a 4-Pack option, so you save when you buy a set of four.

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Magnets don’t work for you? Try super high quality vinyl stickers, which are also 6″x6″ and are made of durable, UV protected, 4 mil vinyl with a permanent adhesive. Suitable for outdoor use and priced at $5.

Look at Stickers

In addition, there will be two new glossy posters released around Thanksgiving.  I’ve decided to upgrade from cheap paper and offset printing to a super high resolution digital print. These new prints are more like giant photographs than your typical poster.  And both of these digital prints will be limited to a series of 50 prints. Limited edition prints are sold in descending order and prices increase as fewer remain in the edition. Each print is signed and numbered by Aspen Moon.

Glossy Poster Prints

© Aspen Moon 2013

Lastly, make sure you check out my new paper gicleé of the Faery Star.  It’s a really beautiful, limited edition print in an elegant black, leather textured frame.  A companion piece, called Anahata (Heart Chakra), will be available right after the holidays.  Both of these special gicleé prints will be limited to 10 copies (ever!) and will only be available through this website or in person at Aspen’s gallery or events featuring Aspen’s artwork.

Thanks, as always for your interest in hand made visionary artwork.  -am.

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