Flower of Meditation

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Copyright 2018 Aspen Moon

Flower of Meditation, by Aspen Moon, May 2018.  Acrylic on Canvas 20″ x 24″. ( Private Commission )

This painting is the third in a series of five I’m doing as a commission. The series is of the Chinese Tiger Astrology for all five of the Chinese elements–Water, Metal, Earth, Fire, and Wood. All five will be used on labels for Brandon Armitage Winery out of Aptos, California.

Flower of Meditation represents the active and feminine aspects of creativity and actualization.  Weaving the mandala of life light are interlocking circles, most generally represented as the feminine in symbolic geometry.  While only circles are present, their intersection points create alignments  (i.e. straight lines which represent the masculine) in such a way as to unlock the shape and form of three dimensional space.  This “mystery” is revealed simply by connecting stars with straight lines.  The forms of Metatron’s cube are revealed. Connecting the same stars with circles will reveal the fruit of life pattern.

Moreover, the curves and circles often represent organic (i.e. alive) aspects.  With wood tiger, I wanted to represent the symbolic feminine and masculine as separate, but interdependent.  So the mandala of feminine light, that creates the “seed” or “fruit” of life is required, so too is the masculine force to support and protect the process.  This masculine force dominates the background in the wall of reeds, as well as the towering bamboo forest.

The tiger, an observer with eyes closed, “sees” the mystery revealed.  But only through walking the long path toward the light, observing, and testing perceived understanding through the continual flowering of meditation.

Aspen Moon
May 2018
Buhl, Idaho

Armitage Tasting Room
105c Post Office Drive
Aptos, CA 95003
TEL: 831-708-2874

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