Song in the Darkness

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Song in the Darkness

An invitation to do a live art performance is something I always welcome. The most recent came with short notice, but I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. So without a lot of planning, I decided to try something new−I wanted to start a new work for the occasion. I’m very excited with the progress I’ve made on it after only three days. This one should be done really soon (I’m still putting the finishing touches on Anahata, which comes first).

I’m calling this one Icaro, which is the Shipibo word for the healing song of the Shaman. The literal translation is “to blow smoke in order to heal.” Think music medicine or a medicine song. I’m planning on doing a full write up on the full meaning of the painting, but in the meantime, here’s a look at how it’s progressing.


-am. May 2014


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