Aspen Moon Live Painting at Sustainable Arts Festival

Posted on May 15th, by Aspen Moon in Blog, Exhibits and Events. Comments Off on Aspen Moon Live Painting at Sustainable Arts Festival

I really love summer festival season!  And to start it off, I have two solid weeks of festivals where I’ll be vending and painting.  I’ll be from Utah, to California, to Oregon, to Colorado and back before the summer is over…

I’m excited for my first live painting event of the season at the Building Man Sustainable Living Arts and Music Festival this weekend in Green River, Utah.  I’m flattered and grateful for the invitation to come participate in a really cool art project.  I mean…seriously?  I get to hang out in the redrock blue sky desert, listen to great music for days, hang with amazingly vivid and talented people, and paint anything I want on a giant wall?  Way too cool for words!

The art project is going to be a 7-foot cube which will be painted on 4 sides and I will be painting one of the sides.  The other artists (all from Salt Lake City) are Spencer Barton, Peter Nielson, Rebecca Gilette and Dave Gilette.  I’m planning on doing a Native American inspired sun mandala in the oranges, yellows, and reds of the redrock desert landscape around Green River and the San Rafael Swell.  I wanted to create something that sits well on the land where the painting will be for the first part of the summer and to also pull in and amplify some of the local spiritual energy that flows around and through this beautiful desert retreat called the ‘Jenkstar Ranch.’

I’m a little nervous about whether I’ll be able to complete it in just three days–a 7×7 foot square is a very large surface to cover!  But it sounds like a great (and very fun) challenge!  I’ll post a few photos of the process after I’m back from LIB in a couple weeks.

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