First Ever CazaLuna Gallery Stroll was a Success

I want to thank everyone who came to my first ever gallery stroll event at my studio at CazaLuna.

Dozens of people came over to talk about art, delve into some of my original works, purchase posters, and just hang with other friends and art lovers. I’m grateful for the continued interest, support, and encourangement. It was really fun to have people ask about my work, really wanting to understand the deeper meaning in the images. It would be easy for me to talk for hours about each piece, and there were many long and interesting conversations between friends in front of my art. Very fun! I also discovered new ideas, correlations, details, and reactions to my artwork–things I had never considered before.

It is truly amazing that I can create some art and then, months later see something brand new in it. To me, that confirms that I’m only a channeler and that what I’m doing is being given to me by something outside me.

I started a new piece the next day, which will be my expression of the Sri Yantra. Look for a post in the coming days about the symbol, vibration and sound, and what I’ve been discoving about the nature in which the universe was created.