Three New Works Emerging

Hey art enthusiasts!

I wanted to post an update about what I’ve been doing.  While there hasn’t been a lot to talk about, I’ve been in the studio day after day.  I’m finding it takes a long time to make a painting!!  In fact, I’m averaging a couple months for each.  And I’ve really started to feel the pressure of the February deadline for my debut show.  By the way, I have a Facebook event set up for it, so add it to your calendars!  I have five more to do in three months.

Even before I was putting the finishing touches on Sri Yantra, I started two more.  First is solar in nature, but woven with some pretty amazing proportional sacred geometry related to the Earth and the Moon and 7, 12, 28, 72, and 5040 number symbolism.  I’ll explain all that in the blog I do about it.  This painting isn’t going to be so minutely detailed as some of the others, so this one should be done soon (though I’ve said that many times and it has never worked that way).  I think I’m going to call it Shamanic Supernova. The second, which has a working title of Doorway, is a metaphorical piece about the personal journey to enlightenment and how the pathway to enlightenment is paved with many types of knowledge.

Metatron’s Journey into Consciousness is coming along quite well too, and I’m involved in the finer detailing aspects of the work.  It’s getting tedious and I have to put it down after a while, but it’s pretty cool to be painting shiny beetles and dragonfly wings.  World Tortoise is on the back burner (aka hanging framed but unfinished on my wall), but I have intention to finish it for my show in February.

Getting back to Sri Yantra, it’s done!  Whew!  I was unhappy with the heavy shadow around the lotus and the Shipibo design wasn’t right.  So I repainted the entire bhupura section, which took me 20 more hours!  Worth every moment and I finally signed it.  I’m dropping it off to get scanned in the next day or two and I’ll have full and reduced sized gicleé copies on canvas and 6-inch magnets available by Thanksgiving.

Consider the fact that visionary art makes the perfect holiday gift. And a Sri Yantra or Hamsa in your home will certainly create an energetic buzz.  As always, thank you for your interest in what I’m doing.