WTF? Here we go!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be a featured artist at the 2017 What the Festival music and art Festival, June 16 – 19 in Wolf Run Ranch, Oregon. Look for me in the live painting area, which is called the Garden Gallery in the Illuminated Forest, where I’ll be painting a new work throughout the festival. I’ll be creating the next piece in my chakra series called Manipura, known as the Solar Plexus chakra.  Some early pictures of the work are included in the link.

In addition, I’m honored to be one of 4 artists included in the Dream Collective art gallery as well, so I’ll have several pieces on display at the 2017 festival.  I’m so looking forward to participating in WTF.

If you’re at the festival and see me, please say hello!



Here’s my page:

What the Festival

New Work

April 20 Update:

Here’s another photo to show how it’s progressing (the green is tape, center circle is paper, the rest is paint on fabric). Where you see the dark black, there will eventually be bright colors. Got some sacred geometry in store for it as well.


Hey Art Fans,

Here are a couple photos of something I’ve been working on.  It’s inspired by a rose window–what you’d seen above the entrance as you enter a lot of cathedrals.  I’ve been interested in learning how to paint textures and faux materials, like crystals and white marble.  Here’s my first attempt at the latter.  The progress I’ve made has been encouraging…

More to come:

Rose Window in progress, detail