Returning from a Long Journey

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Hey Art Fans:

It has been a full year since I have undertaken any new artwork or worked much on the art business.  Travel, new employment, intense family matters, and a lot of personally challenging life stuff has interrupted my artistic ambitions and all but forced my muse to go find another artist to inspire. It has been a tough journey, I will admit. One where I have traveled to far away places—both outside me and inside me—and I faced many demons in isolation. I’ve discovered that life beyond slaying one’s dragons can be isolating. But the crucible is an instrument of purification and for burning away all but the most solid of things.

Luckily, I’ve come out the other side and while I’m still reeling from many of my experiences, I have a renewed vigor for my creative process and have begun to put myself back into a creative practice. In other words, I have started creating new artwork again. The process is starting slowly, but there is momentum and energy behind it. So my prospects are optimistic. I’ve also had contacts for new work and have begun several commissions which I will complete over the next year. In addition, I have a few unfinished (even neglected) pieces that are demanding my attention.

Keep an eye open for some more activity in the coming months.  There may even be a show in the not to distant future.

With a sabbatical comes new ideas, new focus, and new inspirations—many of which have come from my travels to the jungles of South and Central America as well as some of the inner jungles of the heart and soul of a struggling sojourner. But working beyond resistance, strife, and inner conflict can and does make the individual stronger and the human expression beyond it all the more powerful and poignant.

I hope you can appreciate the new beauty that emerges…

-am. Feb 2016

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