Art Studio Update

It’s been exactly a year since I moved my container and then moved to Boise almost immediately after. Since that time, I’ve gotten a number of things complete. Welds, inspection, landscaping, and paint, as well as a lot of work getting the interior finished. I plan to complete the last of this phase–a little more trim, blinds, and the ceiling–this winter. At that point, I’ll add a condenser a/c heater unit and we’ll have a complete phase 1.

Exterior Before and After

I also got the outside looking much better. Over the past year, several trees have gone in, grass, and recently painted the outside. Here’s a few photos of the process of cleaning, priming, and painting, which took about 18 hours total time.

Next year, the plan is to add a deck… here’s a concept sketch. More to come…


Muladhara (Root Chakra), by Aspen Moon, September 2022. Acrylic on Canvas, 30″ x 30″ ( Artist’s Collection ). Third in the Chakra Series.

Amid deep and cavernous surroundings,
rocks, and damp earth–morose, glum, somber,
there is a glimmer of light
that radiates outward and illuminates the beyond.
Therein lies the spark of new beginnings,
a sprout,
a first blossom,
roots writhing outward,
reaching for strength, stability, growth.
Reaching for Source.

Muladhara is the resting place of the kundalini, the journey’s end on the pathway of manifestation and simultaneously the point of departure on the pathway to enlightenment. Our roots are where we derive our strength to stand tall and grow to full potential and without strong roots, a tree withers and dies. This painting was painted over five years, during a particularly uprooted time in my life, and completed during a period of intense personal upheaval. Despite being uprooted, this Aspen has yet to wither and die.

More on Muladhara: Images, Websites.

Aspen Moon
August 2023, Boise, Idaho