Art Studio Moving Day

Hey Art Fans!

Well the day finally came for me to move my shipping container art studio into its final spot. This day was 5 years in the making–I bought the container in October of 2017 and it has been sitting in this temporary spot until moving day. During that time, I framed the walls and put up some lighting so that I could make art. A number of recent paintings were created here, including four of the Armitage Tigers, Light Bodies, and also Muladhara (root chakra), which is nearly complete.

I framed and insulated 28 of the 40 feet for a work space, which is quite adequate for painting, and the rest of the space is for storage. It has been a great space to work in and I’m really excited finish it now that it’s on its foundation and permitted and legal (ahem!). The container will be welded to the cement footings that I poured in July of 2022 and will hopefully stay here for many years to come. I’m so looking forward to creating much more art in this place, my Idahome!

Many, many people have helped support me in the process of building this studio and making it a great place to make art. From the people who first helped me buy this beast and frame and insulate the walls back in 2017, to those who contributed to the costs of pouring the foundation and moving the container through purchases and contest entries in the Summer of 2022. I’m grateful to everyone who has lent support and encouraged the process. Gratitude and thanks!

Inside the studio two days before moving
Ready to move!
Storage area
Gracefully floating into place
Ready for landscaping, a porch, and a roof!