Finally Getting Back to Work…

It has been several months since I’ve been able to put much time or energy into new art.  But fortunately, there has been a recent shift and I’m finally getting back to working in the studio.  I’ve started a simple piece, inspired by a friend and some interest in geometry which I’ve assigned the working title “Fairy Star.”  It’s a delve into the color blue and also the numerology of seven.  The seven pointed star is also known as the Fairy Star or the Elvin Star.

I also wanted to mention that I’ve discounted many of the items in the Shop, including all the posters, many of the giclée reproductions, and vinyl prints as well.  If you’ve been waiting for a sale, your wait is over!

Look for more work emerging later this summer, once my work with the Element 11 Festival is done.  I have several works half done and plan to finish those three or four works before getting back to my long list of subject matter.  Thanks for your interest!

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